Please find a list of previous publications directly related to our research group or in close connection to our research group. This list has been compiled using Hartzing's 'Publish or Perish' software. You can download to full list of all publications until 2020 as a bibtex-file here.

Recent publications      
Steppan, M., Zimmermann, R.,  Zimmermann, J., Oeltjen, L., Birkhölzer, M., Schmeck, K., & Goth, K. (2022). A DSM-5 AMPD and ICD-11 compatible measure for an early identification of personality disorders in adolescence–LoPF-Q 12–18 latent structure and short form. Plos One.    
Zimmermann, R., Fürer, L., Schenk, N., Koenig, J., Roth, V., Schlüter-Müller, S., ... & Schmeck, K. (2020). Silence in the psychotherapy of adolescents with borderline personality pathology. Personality disorders: theory, research, and treatment.    
Fürer, L., Schenk, N., Roth, V., Steppan, M., Schmeck, K., & Zimmermann, R. (2020). Supervised speaker diarization using random forests: a tool for psychotherapy process research. Frontiers in Psychology, 11.    
Steppan, M. (2020). Personality adjectives in British and American English from 1800-2010.  
Steppan, M., Fürer, L., Schenk, N., & Schmeck, K. (2020). Machine Learning Facial Emotion Recognition in Psychotherapy Research. A Useful Approach?.  
Gander, M., Buchheim, A., Bock, A., Steppan, M., Sevecke, K., & Goth, K. (2020). Unresolved attachment mediates the relationship between childhood trauma and impaired personality functioning in adolescence. Journal of personality disorders, 34(Supplement B), 84-103.    
Schenk, N., Zimmermann, R., Fürer, L., Krause, M., Weise, S., Kaess, M., ... & Schmeck, K. (2019). Trajectories of alliance ruptures in the psychotherapy of adolescents with borderline personality pathology: timing, typology and significance. Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process, and Outcome, 22(2).    
Schenk, N., Fürer, L., Zimmermann, R., Steppan, M., & Schmeck, K. (2021). Alliance Ruptures and Resolutions in Personality Disorders. Current Psychiatry Reports, 23(1), 1-8.    
Weise, S., Parzer, P., Fürer, L., Zimmermann, R., Schmeck, K., Resch, F., ... & Koenig, J. (2020). Autonomic nervous system activity and dialectical behavioral therapy outcome in adolescent borderline personality pathology. The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 1-17.    
Weise, S., Parzer, P., Zimmermann, R., Fürer, L., Resch, F., Kaess, M., & Koenig, J. (2020). Emotion dysregulation and resting-state autonomic function in adolescent borderline personality disorder—A multimodal assessment approach. Personality disorders: theory, research, and treatment, 11(1), 46.    

Recent publications

A swarm intelligence machine learning algorithm for test development Silence in Psychotherapy Supervised speaker diarization using Random Forests
In this study we used the "intelligence" of a swarm of ants to develop a short questionnaire to detect personality disorders in adolescence. Check out our study on Plos One.
Usually, silence is an important thing in psychotherapy. However, in this study we studied the association of silence in psychotherapies of adolescent patients. Find out more about this study below. Who speaks when? This information is key, when you want to find out about the flow of a conversation, also in psychotherapy. This study by Fürer et al. introduces a methodology to diarize the audio signal for two different speakers.
Steppan / Zimmerann, et al. Zimmermann, et al. Fürer, et al.
Plos One Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment Frontiers in Psychology