Martin Steppan, Dr. rer. nat. Dr. phil.

Martin is senior researcher and co-founder of compsylab. Martin's focus is on quantitative methods, big data and artificial intelligence, personality and biological determinants of psychological traits. Martin has also specialized on behavioural genetics through a second PhD at the University of St Andrews (UK). At the moment Martin works predominantly on machine learning algorithms in the field of psychotherapeutic processes, and on the salience of the Five Factor Model of personality (FFM) in historical language corpora like Google Ngram Viewer.

Psychologist, Data analyst, Methodologist

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Recent publications

A swarm intelligence machine learning algorithm for test development Silence in Psychotherapy Supervised speaker diarization using Random Forests
In this study we used the "intelligence" of a swarm of ants to develop a short questionnaire to detect personality disorders in adolescence. Check out our study on Plos One.
Usually, silence is an important thing in psychotherapy. However, in this study we studied the association of silence in psychotherapies of adolescent patients. Find out more about this study below. Who speaks when? This information is key, when you want to find out about the flow of a conversation, also in psychotherapy. This study by Fürer et al. introduces a methodology to diarize the audio signal for two different speakers.
Steppan / Zimmerann, et al. Zimmermann, et al. Fürer, et al.
Plos One Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment Frontiers in Psychology